Jumping Intro Bar

Fun & Fitness For Everyone!

With over 13,000 square feet of trampoline jumping surface and an exciting array of other fun attractions and activities you are sure to

Bounce Your Way To The Best Time You Have Ever Had!

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Main Jumping Court

Open Jump Court

We have a Huge Open Jump Area that is unlike anything you have ever seen. This vast jumping surface will inspire your inner longing to defeat gravity and become the airborne daredevil that you have secretly wished to become.

Open Jump Court Is The Place To Catch Some Major Air!

Jumping DodgeBall

Dodge Ball Court

Our exciting Dodge Ball Court will bring an entirely new dimension to an age-old sport. The addition of a trampoline jumping surface makes the game much more exciting than you can possibly imagine. Now anyone can leap and bound like a true gymnast in avoiding your opponents best efforts while giving you the opportunity to deliver your own unique strike-out throws.
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Jumping FoamPit

Foam Pit

For the chance to really defy gravity, look no further than our exciting Foam Pit where you can perform your most outrageous stunts and land safely amidst the cushioning effect of six thousand foam blocks. You can jump into the thin air of empty space and twist and turn to hearts desire all the while safe in the knowledge that your landing, although maybe not the most graceful of actions, will be one that you can always walk away from!
Jumping KidsCorner

Kid’s Corner

Our Kid’s Court provides an area where the little ones can have their own fun jumping and playing with kids their own age and without the interference of bigger kids and adults. Parents can watch as their little ones have the time of their lives bouncing with their friends.
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Extreme Attractions

We have three exciting Extreme Attractions that will challenge you to be the best that you can be. You can race your friends on the Adrenalator, try out your balancing skills on the Meltdown or put yourself to the test on the Ninja wall. You will have a blast taking the challenges and improving your times as your skills improve and your smiles grow!
Jumping RockTower

Rock Climbing Tower

Now you can defy gravity with a daring flair of acrobatics on our Climbing Tower. Once you are safely strapped into your climbing harness, you are free to transverse the rugged path to the top of the tower, all the while determining the best course for conquering the mammoth wall. Adventure calls out to entice you into uncharted territory, and giving you a tale to tell when your feet are back on solid ground.